This code has been interpreted by BeVocal Cafe VoiceXML 2.0 interpreter. There may be BeVocal-specific code segments that may need to be modified before running under other VoiceXML interpreters.




Figure from Text File Name Purpose Comments
Figure 2.2 v2.2.vxml A voiceXML document  
Figure 4.9 v4.9.vxml Complete call ring application.  
Figure 4.10 v4.10.vxml Complete call ring appliction with additional words in grammar  
Figure 4.11 v4.11.vxml Complete call ring applicaltion with event handlers  
Figure 5.3 v5.3.vxml A simple VoiceXML menu Same as Figure 2.2
Figure 5.4 v5.4.vxml A VoiceXML Form Can you extend the grammars?
Figure 6.1 v6.1.vxml Links identified by nospeech sounds Uses audio files in
Figure 6.2 v6.2.vxml Use of a turn-taking tone Uses audio files in
Figure 6.3 v6.3.vxml Use of a brand earcon Uses audio files in
Figure 6.4 v6.4.vxml Example of chunking  
Figure 6.5 v6.5.vxml Example of a pause between instructions and options  
Figure 6.6 v6.6.vxml Example of an introduciton  
Figure 6.7 v6.7.vxml Help that is available anytime  
Figure 6.8 v6.8.vxml Universal independent commands  
Figure 7.1 v7.1.vxml Example VocieXML menu using an inline grammar denoted with XML notation  
Figure 7.2 v7.2.vxml Example VocieXML menu using an inline grammar denoted with ABNF notation

Code should include the following:
#ABNF 1.0;
language en;
mode voice;
root $destination;

Figure 7.3


Example VoiceXML menu with an external grammar reference and the external grammar When using Cafe.Bevocal, load v7.3.vxml AND city.grxml
Figure 8.5 v8.5.vxml Example two-level DTMF menu  
Figure 8.6 v8.6.vxml
Tapered prompts When using Cafe.Bevocal, load v8.6.vxml AND scale.grxml
Figure 8.7 v8.7.vxml Progressive assistance  
Figure 8.8 v8.8.vxml Speech input version of Figure 8.5  
Figure 8.9 v8.9.vxml Voice menu that compresses menu hierarch of Figure 8.8  
Figure 8.10 v8.10.vxml Forward-feeding prompts  
Figure 9.2 v9.2.vxml Example command and control dialog document Another approach is to use <link> and formlevel grammars
Figure 10.5     Section 10.4 no longer valid because scope = document not valid in field-level grammar
Figure 10.8     Section 10.4 no longer valid because scope = document not valid in field-level grammar
Figure 10.10 v.10.10 Mixed initiative dialog When using Cafe.Bevocal, load v.10.10.vxml AND bank.grammar
Figure 10.12 app-root.vxml, video.vxml, music.vxml Root document stored as app-root.vxml When using BeVocal, be sure to load app-root.vxml, music.vxml, and video.vxml This code revised to remove scope = document, which is no longer valid in field grammar
Figure 11.3 v11.3.vxml
Example VocieXML form for collecting caller preference data When using Cafe.Bevocal, load v.11.3.vxml, yes_no.grxml, and scale.grxml
Figure A.1 a.1.vxml
Solicit caller's current location Be sure to load all of the grammar files. Explain why an N-gramm grammars should be used here
Figure A.2 a.2.vxml Presnet information to the caller How would you reteive information from a database into this VoiceXML code?
Figure A.3 a.3.vxml Prompts for open-ended questions Can you write a VoiceXML program to listen to the recordings?